Each person is different and unique and God has a beautiful plan specifically for each person. Jeri’s House is a place where people who are DeafBlind can come and live and learn how to be independent, learn Braille and signs, advocacy, hobbies, and be comfortable working through their adjustments of being DeafBlind. Jeri’s House promotes empowerment and encouragement for each individual to reach their highest potential.

Braille is a wonderful asset to enable individuals who are DeafBlind to communicate with themselves and others. Each person can decide for themselves if they want to learn the alphabet or to continue and learn all that Braille has to offer. Individuals will have the option of learning to use a Braille writer or slate and stylus, both great writing tools. Braille is a fantastic way to label your personal items and a wonderful way to enjoy reading the bible or other good books.

Sign Language is a beautiful language that enhances communication with others. Each person will choose whether they wish to learn manual alphabet, Signed English, American Sign Language, or all. Pro-tactile will also be introduced which is a form of communication that allows a person who is DeafBlind to interact more efficiently with others. This opens up a huge world of information for people who are DeafBlind.

Leisure group activities will be offered frequently to enhance communication, promote self-confidence, and self-esteem. Various activities will be scheduled to allow DeafBlind to learn about their environment and to engage in their surroundings.

Individuals who are DeafBlind will be given the responsibility of helping with all household duties. Each person will learn all the aspects of living independently so they can eventually move forward to their own place of residence.

Support groups will be offered daily to allow individuals who are DeafBlind to feel free to talk openly about their adjustments to their dual sensory loss. Many emotions can often times accompany a person who is DeafBlind such as anger, depression, isolation, self pity, and much more. Being able to confide with others experiencing the same emotions can encourage others to work through those difficult times. Each person will learn to support one another which will in turn empower themselves. We also have Bible studies to help learn about God’s love.

Advocacy is a vital skill to possess. Individuals who are DeafBlind will learn how to express themselves to inform others of their specific needs. Individuals must understand their own disability as well as their abilities in order to advocate more efficiently.

We will teach DeafBlind how to utilize SSP’s. Support Service Providers (SSP) are individuals who are certified to provide environmental and auditory information to individuals who are DeafBlind to enable full participation with their surroundings.  SSP’s help to enhance the lives of individuals who are DeafBlind because of their dedication to engage the DeafBlind in their environment.  Because of the compassion Support Service Providers have for those who are DeafBlind, they empower individuals who are DeafBlind to live a more independent and fulfilling life.